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Welcome to the New Vins NB Wines Website

Welcome to the New Vins NB Wines Website

Welcome to our snazzy new website. We hope you like it.

This site is meant as a way for us as an association to connect with a broader public—with all those in New Brunswick and beyond with an interest in wine. Ours is of course a relatively young wine industry, but the future is mighty encouraging. Consumers are discovering quality wines closer to home, we are creating stronger ties to various restaurants and bars, and are attracting new entrants to the industry. And so we want to start telling our story to the world!

This story will especially center on our tag line, ‘Bring It Home’. With these words, we are encouraging you to bring a bottle of NB wine home with you, to try a wine you haven’t tried before or to go with a perennial favourite. Beyond that though, we felt it was important to refer to ‘home’ as in our home province, and to your home, because much like NB’s communities, NB wineries are equally spread out, and in this sense we’re very much neighbours. Finally ‘Bring It Home’ will also serve as our own rallying call to encourage us to persevere in establishing a thriving industry, built on beautiful wineries and quality wines.

So as much as we want to get to know you, don’t be shy to get to know us! Visit the member profiles on our site, or better yet visit a NB winery. And let us know if you’re looking for any additional information. Cheers!